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XLR8 sponsors FastFlowConf in London

October 26, 2023

We were delighted to support and sponsor the world's first Team Topologies conference in London, which saw a global audience gathering for the sold out event.

Two of our team members had the privilege of delivering a presentation titled "Unlocking Enterprise Potential by Closing the Data Productivity Skills Gap". The talk centered around how companies can optimize their processes and tools, empower their workforce, and foster collaboration and productivity, all through a data-driven approach.

People and Interactions: The Heart of Data Productivity

At XLR8, we believe that processes and tools are crucial, but it's the people and their interactions that truly close the Data Productivity skills gaps. Our presentation delved into why placing people at the heart of these processes is so vital. We shared our insights and techniques that we've applied with our global enterprise customers, demonstrating how a people-centric approach can drive productivity and efficiency.

Connecting System Data Sources: Seeing the Full Story

Another key topic we explored was the importance of connecting system data sources across an organization. By doing so, companies can see the full stream-aligned story, gaining a holistic view of their operations. This interconnected view allows for more informed decision-making and strategic planning, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

Case Studies and Good Practices

Our presentation was enriched with case studies and good practices, demonstrating the positive impact of our approach on employee engagement, productivity, and optimisation at scale. These real-world examples provided tangible evidence of how our data-driven strategies can measurably an organization's operations.

Accelerating Delivery Capabilities with a Data-Driven Approach

At XLR8, we've taken a lean approach to collaboration tooling implementations, focusing on data-driven strategies to accelerate the delivery capabilities of our enterprise customers. We shared how this approach has not only reduced software dependencies but also closed the data productivity gap at scale. People and teams are measurably engaged in the value they are delivering for customers.

We invite you to continue the conversation. Explore how our data-driven approach can transform your organization's operations, making you more agile, efficient, and effective.

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