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XLR8 sponsors Agile 2023 - The Scotland Experience

October 31, 2023

XLR8 is thrilled to be a sponsor of Agile 2023 - The Scotland Experience, a parallel event to the main Agile2023 conference in Orlando. This two-day event, held on July 24 and 25, brings together passionate Agilists from around the world to explore, innovate, and advance Agile values and principles.

About Agile 2023 - The Scotland Experience

Agile2023, Agile Alliance’s annual conference, is a global platform dedicated to fostering a space for people and ideas to flourish. The Scotland Experience is an in-person event that shares sessions from Agile2023 Orlando, allowing attendees in Edinburgh to partake in the same enriching content and discussions.

The conference is a melting pot of the world's leading Agile experts, change agents, and innovators, all sharing their latest practices, ideas, and strategies. It's a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and grow in the Agile community.

XLR8 at Agile 2023 - The Scotland Experience

As a sponsor of Agile 2023 - The Scotland Experience, XLR8 is excited to contribute to the community. Our team will be present at the XLR8 sponsor booth - come say hello!

We're eager to connect with fellow Agilists, learn about their journeys, and share how XLR8 is helping organizations accelerate their project to product transformations. Whether you're new to Agile or an experienced practitioner, we're looking forward to exchanging ideas and insights with you.

Looking Ahead

As we immerse ourselves in the Agile 2023 - The Scotland Experience, we're filled with anticipation for the connections we'll make, the knowledge we'll gain, and the ideas we'll share.

Come say hi to us at the XLR8 sponsor booth!

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