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Scaling Agile with XLR8: Insights from the SAFe Summit in Prague

October 26, 2023

Reflecting on our time at the SAFe Summit in Prague, the XLR8 team is still buzzing with inspiration and new insights. We had the privilege of sharing our unique experiences and learnings with the global community.

Scaling Agile with Jira Align

At the summit, we delved into our journey of implementing Jira Align to embed scaled agile practices - exploring how a focus on collaboration tools and processes in enterprise organisations enables success with people and interactions at record-breaking levels.  

Measurably Achieving More with Less

A key focus of our time in Prague was demonstrating how a small XLR8 delivery team can deliver solutions at an enterprise global scale.

We shared our secret sauce: a combination of data-driven collaboration strategies, a culture that fosters learning, and the power of Jira Align to manage complex projects.

Our narrative resonated with many attendees, who were keen to learn how they could replicate our success within their own teams and organization.

Guiding the Atlassian Community

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the SAFe Summit was the opportunity to guide other Atlassian customers on their journey towards Jira Align and real-time enterprise insights using Qlik and Tableau. We shared our learnings, offered insights, and provided practical guidance, contributing to an inspiring exchange of knowledge that benefits the entire Atlassian community.

The Journey Continues

As we look back on our time at the SAFe Summit, we're humbled by the connections we've forged, the knowledge we've shared, and the insights we've gained. And this is just one stop on our journey.

We're excited to extend an invitation to you to book a strategy-to-execution value demo in Jira Align with us. Experience firsthand how Jira Align can revolutionize your organization's operations, enhancing agility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Explore this opportunity to discover how XLR8 can shine a light on how to win before changes happens

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