Fabric by XLR8

Harness the power of data visualization with Fabric:

Gain insights, make informed decisions

Fabric, our simplistic data visualization application, enables businesses to gain a game-changing view of their operations in real time.

This holistic vantage-point empowers leaders, teams, and businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions quickly and effectively - built on your own tech stack , with your own people.

Be ahead of the game. And win before change happens.

About Fabric App


  1. Real-time Data Visualization: Fabric dynamically translates your data into easy-to-understand visual formats that evolve in real time, allowing for swift response to emerging trends or issues.
  2. Integration with Existing Tech Stack: Designed to work seamlessly with your current technology, Fabric eliminates the need for additional software, saving you cost while maximizing value
  3. Enhanced Decision Making: By transforming complex data sets into intuitive visualizations, Fabric enables your teams to quickly identify patterns, trends, and insights, promoting efficient, informed decision-making
  4. Scalability: Whether you’re a start-up or a global enterprise, Fabric's scalable architecture adapts to your business needs, providing effective data visualization solutions regardless of your company's size.


  • Streamline operations by making data-driven decisions in real time.
  • Reduce costs by integrating with your existing technology stack.
  • Empower your teams with accessible, understandable data.
  • Accelerate your growth by leveraging insights derived from your data.

Customer Feedback

  • “Fabric makes tool adoption seamless as it’s an existing platform already used in our organization”
  • “This approach gives our people the opportunity to own, and build their own capability - and chart the direction we need as an organization
  • “We are reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the need for more tools by using our existing BI stack”

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