SAFe® for Executives


2 half days (8 hours)


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SAFe® for Executives

Our SAFe for Executives course is an interactive overview of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), along with best practices, tools, and challenges associated with the adoption of SAFe. It addresses organizational impact, distributed teams, agile leadership, and techniques and metrics for agile transformations, at a level appropriate for executives and managers.

This workshop is designed to help your organization’s leadership team understand how SAFe principles and practices benefit the entire organization. Concurrently, it aids the participants in understanding the “rules of engagement” that SAFe asks them to follow for organizational success. The purpose of the presentation is to provide a sense of what the audience members and their organizations will experience, and need to do when they transition to SAFe.

This one-day course provides information for taking SAFe to the next level at your organization, expanding on current Agile efforts, and maximizing their potential. The Scaled Agile Framework is a proven approach for implementing Agile practices at an enterprise scale. It has been attributed to being the single most important factor to the longevity of Agile Transformations in large enterprises.

  1. Discuss current challenges with executives
  2. Introduce Lean, Agile, and the SAFe Principles
  3. Present key concepts of the Scaled Agile Framework
  4. Highlight the benefits others have achieved
  5. Define next steps

This course is valuable to anyone in a high-level leadership position for organizations in the decision or early adoption phase of SAFe. Those who benefit most include:

  • Executives
  • CTOs
  • Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn how to assess your business structure
  2. Understand which version of SAFe meets your needs
  3. Establish the mindset of a continuous learning culture
  4. Measure and grow toward business agility in your organization
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SAFe® for Executives

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